Military Review English Edition September-October 2014 - Page 24

cycle. As discussed earlier, this sometimes is impractical.19 Instead, basing unit PRT schedules around a fivemonth time span followed by a two-week break provides a reasonable period for training and improving, with a built-in rest and decompression period. Soldiers earn two and a half days of leave every month—this equals 30 days of leave at year’s end. Units routinely take two weeks of leave during the summer and two weeks of leave over the winter holiday. Granted, one unavoidable feature of military service is the occasionally unpredictable nature of day-to-day tasks. Sometimes training time or facilities simply are not available. Between these training breaks and numerous three- and four-day federal holidays, soldiers can find time for rest and recuperation, whether for soreness, injury, or general weariness. Revise the Army Physical Fitness Test. One unresolved topic not updated by FM 7-22 in 2012, and currently under research, is the eB