Military Review English Edition September-October 2014 - Page 130

perspectives based on material interests often govern policy analysis, Shepperd demonstrates that social interests cannot be neglected. Anyone involved in Sino-U.S. military, economic, or political policy analysis would certainly benefit from Shepperd’s approach. The author’s analysis illuminates the need to incorporate social interests in analyzing international interactions within this appealing, theoretical work on Sino-U.S. relations. Viktor M. Stoll, King’s College, London THE CIVIL WAR IN POPULAR CULTURE: Memory and Meaning Edited by Lawrence A. Kreiser Jr. and Randal Allred, University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, 2014, 248 pages, $40.00 T he Civil War was the bloodiest and most substantial war in American history. The country, fiercely divided by opposing political and moral conventions, embarked upon a war that would reap death and destruction for four lingering years. The war occurred 150 years ago, yet still has the ability to ignite conflict among some Americans. T