Military Review English Edition September-October 2014 - Page 109

IRREGULAR WARFARE Conclusion National interests guide the choices of U.S. policy makers. When contemplating the use of the military instrument of national power to achieve policy objectives through war, either traditional or irregular, three considerations should remain at the forefront: moral, legal, and prudential. The questions resulting from these deliberations should be sequenced as follows: Are we justified? Are we following the law? Can we actually do what is proposed?29 Reflecting on these questions also contributes to the moral, ethical, and intellectual development of the members of the profession of arms. Moving forward in accordance with defense strategic guidance, the Army will continue to play a major role in the joint force’s robust foreign internal defense, theater security cooperation, and theater engagement efforts. It should find itself well-suited for this effort. These capabilities should be augmented by maintaining the Army’s unconventional warfare competency. • • • Ultimately, intervening by waging irregular warfare alongside an insurgency within and against another country would come with moral dilemmas for the United States and its military forces. As the Department of Defense builds its capacity to perform this primary mission ag