Military Review English Edition November-December 2015 - Page 64

FLIR that ADA vehicles were sent ahead of convoys to clear routes and identify IEDs or other threats along routes throughout the entire 1st Armored Division zone.14 According to the AMD strategy, “AMD capabilities are critical to the future force and the Army mission.”15 When a force maneuvers, and when gaining access requires seizing key terrain, how can air defenders enable the maneuver commander without nonstatic-engageMisperceptions of Air Defense ment-AMD capabilities? In a 2013 issue of Fires, Brig. There is a clear disconnect between the maneuGen. Donald Fryc, commander of the 32nd Army Air ver and air defense communities. Students attending and Missile Defense Corps, said the C-RAM system “is the Maneuver Captain’s Career Course (MCCC) not suited to move and [cannot] protect the support are taught a false conceptual application of proelements of a brigade combat team when not in that tection from aerial threats because the curriculum [BCT’s] fixed location.”16 This statement applies to all incorporates legacy doctrine for air defense. MCCC HIMAD assets—the priorities of the AMD strategy. scenarios include air threats that require students The Army AMD strategy has emphasized the reto receive nonstatic-engagement-AMD assets, such duction of nonstatic-engagement-AMD for more than as Linebackers, which are no longer fielded, and ten years. As part of Army transformation in 2005, Avengers, which are available in very limited quantity. the air defense branch announced the inactivation of In addition, the current platform of the Avenger is the divisional ADA battalions, the removal of the Bradley high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle, which Linebacker, and the downsizing of the Avenger force.17 no longer meets protection standards, thus rendering Meanwhile, maneuver forces continue to request the system obsolete and unusable for combat operaAvenger assets to support global response force packagtions without deliberate modernization efforts. As a es and to augment their exercises at the Joint Readiness result, maneuver leaders are being taught the employTraining Center ( JRTC) and the National Training ment of nonexistent air defense enablers. Center (NTC). In 2013, an ADA battery provided nine Avenger teams to augment JRTC rotation 1301.18 Another battery provided three Avenger teams in April 2015 to augment JRTC rotation 15-06 while simultaneously being attached to the 82nd Airborne Division global response force. During JRTC and NTC rotations, training scenarios incorporate unmanned air assets, such as the Raven—a lightweight, high-mobility UAS designed for low-altitude surveillance and reconnaissance, to simulate the growing UAS threat.19 In a 2013 Infantry magazine article, Capt. Jeremy Phillips provides an insightful per(Photo by Sgt. Christopher Kaufmann, Joint Combat Camera Afghanistan) spective of an infantryman’s Sgt. Aubrey Caplinger and Spc. Gabriel Vega, Battery B, 3rd Battalion, 62nd Air Defense Artillery concern for units needing Regiment, pull security atop an Avenger 4 March 2004 during the opening ceremony of the Ghazni Provincial Reconstruction Team facility, Ghazni, Afghanistan. counter-UAS enablers. The 58 November-December 2015  MILITARY REVIEW