Military Review English Edition November-December 2015 - Page 6

FEATURES 8 The Urban Individual Unassailable Source of Power in Twenty-First Century Armed Conflicts Lt. Col. Erik A. Claessen, Belgian Army Winner of the 2015 Gen. William E. DePuy Combined Arms Center writing competition. The author shows that popular support may be a greater source of power than military might in urban conflicts. 16 Military Communication Strategies Based on How Audiences Meld Media and Agendas Col. Donald L. Shaw, PhD, U.S. Army, Retired Thomas C. Terry, PhD Milad Minooie, MA Army leaders risk failing to lead their organizations if they do not adapt their communication strategies to the media their intended audiences use and to the issues those audiences care about. This article provides five recommendations that can help Army leaders use traditional and new media to communicate more effectively. 29 Six Weeks in 1914 Campaign Execution and the Fog of War—Historical Lessons for the Military Professional John J. McGrath The author analyzes the First Battle of the Marne as an example of the ineffective application of mission command. He draws parallels between aspects of mission command as used by the Germans in World War I and those used by armies in the modern era. 43 Comments on “Cavalry Tanks” Maj. George S. Patton, Jr., U.S. Army The republishing of George Patton’s 1921 commentary from The Cavalry Journal demonstrates that internal discussion and debate among junior and field grade officers on issues of contemporary military concern are not new to the Army. 45 The Lights and the Heavies Adapting Cavalry Branch to the Demands of Force 2025 and Beyond 1st Lt. Matthew McGoffin, U.S. Army A junior officer examines the role of cavalry in future unified land operations and offers recommendations on how to change the structure and employment of cavalry units to meet future challenges. About the Cover: Arizona National Guard soldiers from the 158th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade stand in a mass formation 7 December 2014 on the field at Arizona State University’s Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona, during the Arizona National Guard Muster and Community Expo. (National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Brian A. Barbour) 4 November-December 2015  MILITARY REVIEW