Military Review English Edition November-December 2015 - Page 151

ANNUAL INDEX Jan Weuts, Belgian Special Forces; and Master Sgt. Giovanni Santo Arrigo, Italian Special Forces (Sep-Oct): 27 “Retaking a District Center: A Case Study in the Application of Village Stability Operations,” Lt. Cmdr. Daniel R. Green, Ph.D., U.S. Navy Reserve (Mar-Apr): 118 “Networking and Generalship Across the Anglo-Pacific,” Maj. Matt Cavanaugh, U.S. Army, and Maj. Nick Howard, U.S. Army (Jan-Feb): 75 “The Role of Iraqi Tribes after the Islamic State’s Ascendance,” Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, PhD, and Sterling Jensen, PhD (Jul-Aug): 102 O S “Operational Art by the Numbers,” Lt. Col. David S. Pierson, U.S. Army, Retired (JulAug): 94 “SHARP Realities: Perspectives in Tackling the Army’s Number One Priority,” Lt. Col. Peter D. Fromm, U.S. Army, Retired (Mar-Apr): 22 “Operational Resilience in the Infantry Rifle Platoon,” 1st Lt. Don H. Gomez, U.S. Army, and Staff Sgt. Samuel S. Heer, U.S. Army (May-Jun): 23 “Six Weeks in 1914: Campaign Execution and the Fog of War—Historical Lessons for the Military Professional,” John J. McGrath, PhD (Nov-Dec): 29 “Operation Atlantic Resolve: A Case Study in Effective Communication Strategy,” Jesse Granger (Jan-Feb): 116 “Stryker Packages Allow the Army to Achieve Its Rapid Deployment Goal,” Maj. Daniel Hall, U.S. Army (May-Jun): 48 “Operation United Assistance: The Initial Response—Setting the Conditions in the Theater,” Maj. Gen. Darryl Williams, U.S. Army; Lt. Col. Matthew D. Koehler, U.S. Army; Lt. Col. Charles C. Luke II, U.S. Army; and Maj. Christopher O. Bowers, U.S. Army (Jul-Aug): 75 “The Theory and Practice of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency,” Bernard B. Fall, PhD (Sep-Oct): 40 T “‘Order in Chaos: The Memoirs of General of Panzer Troops Herman Balck” and “Fighting the Cold War: A Soldier’s Memoir,” (Review Essay), Frederick A. Baillergeon (Nov-Dec): 125 “Toward a Strong and Sustainable Defense Enterprise,” Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (Jan-Feb): 6 “The Training Brain Repository—Exercise Design Tool for Home-Station Training,” Col. David G. Paschal, U.S. Army, Retired, and Maj. Alan L. Gunnerson, U.S. Army, Retired (Jan-Feb): 62 P “A Paradigm of Dialogue and Trust: Army Mission Command Training,” Mr. Robert Scaife and Lt. Col. Packard J. Mills, U.S. Army, Retired (Jan-Feb): 31 U “The Path to Mission Command,” Maj. Andrew J. Whitford, U.S. Army (May-Jun): 40 “Perfection of Process Does Not Equal Perfect Understanding,” Maj. David Oakley, U.S. Army (Jan-Feb): 71 “The United States Army’s Secret to Success: Capitalizing on the Human Dimension to Enhance Its Combat Capabilities,” Maj. Jonathan Bi