Military Review English Edition November-December 2015 - Page 138

knowledge of World War II from the Call of Duty: World at War video game instead of reading books, this book would be suitable to give to a young person who has an interest in history. I was able to read the book quickly, and it retained my interest. As much as I have studied this event, I learned new information. There are several positive aspects of the book. The drawings were created professionally, and they illustrate the right emotions for the reader. The German and American panels, for the most part, are separated by a different sky tone, which provides a subtle transition between the different points of view and actions described. The text is not technical, which could make the book more interesting for a younger audience. Readers should not expect a lot of weapons specifications or battle statistics; however, the equipment and uniforms were illustrated with precision. Overall, the accuracy of the events is very good, but two areas may be incorrect. First, the author writes that SS-Standartenfuehrer