Military Review English Edition March-April 2016 - Page 78

(Photo by Khalil Senosi, Associated Press) Amina Harun talks on a cell phone 26 July 2005 while selling watermelons at the largest fresh fruit and vegetable market in Nairobi, Kenya. Cell phone companies that set up shop in Africa over a decade ago now include poor farmers, fishermen, and the unemployed as subscribers. Some researchers even attach cell phones to elephants to help track their movements. Host-Nation Cybersecurity in Future Stability Operations Maj. Michael Kolton, U.S. Army C yberspace is now fundamental to the governance, economic growth, and social lives of populations within developed and developing countries. In addition, cyberspace capabilities have proven indispensable for relief efforts in disaster and conflict zones. Meanwhile, adversaries have also 76 Honorable Mention, 2015 DePuy Contest evolved in their sophistication and now increasingly threaten cyber capabilities. Because nonmilitary organizations retain significant experience in cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection, the best practices they have developed provide a framework for future Army doctrine. This article March-April 2016  MILITARY REVIEW