Military Review English Edition March-April 2016 - Page 71

BIASES (Photo courtesy of YPG) A female fighter from the Syrian-based People’s Protection Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel, or YPG) scans forward of her position looking for Islamic State enemy fighters, 14 July 2015. Biases of the Incumbents What If We Were Integrating Men into a Women’s Army? Col. Karl E. Friedl, U.S. Army, Retired A udie Murphy was too short and too light to join the U.S. Navy or the Marine Corps, but when the Army gave him an opportunity to serve, he went on to become our most decorated soldier. Military entrance standards clearly fail to predict some remarkable military performances. The presence of a Y chromosome has also not held up as a MILITARY REVIEW  March-April 2016 useful discriminator of soldiering, but still we in the United States have not given women an equal opportunity to serve with distinction in combat.1 With women in Ranger training, the U.S. Army is moving toward a new, enlightened perspective. It is changing the focus from trying to define what an entire group cannot do and, instead, it is seeking 69