Military Review English Edition March-April 2016 - Page 67

CIVIL-MILITARY ENGAGEMENT TSOC objectives, while those assigned to the 85th CA Brigade support FORSCOM and geographic combatant command objectives. Because the CME program is funded with MFP-2, only those soldiers assigned to the 95th are allowed to conduct activities associated with the CME program.24 Given the vision found in the AOC, FORSCOM should adopt the CME program t o support all of the GCC’s regionally aligned forces. This would allow FORSCOM to enhance DOD-DOS interoperability, gain greater situational awareness in targeted regions, and address ineffective governance that leads to insurgent growth. Pakistan wheat drives and addressing local needs. The entire SOF element was able to capitalize on this access by initiating FID and intelligence programs, along with the traditional targeting process. However, as time passed, the short-term access was no longer the priority for DOS, and the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan began questioning the effectiveness of SOF programs.27 As with all undergoverned areas, the ultimate goal should be enabling the host-nation governance to penetrate the local societies. Recognizing this potential failure, the SOF element changed the mission of the CMSE. The new mission CHINA Gilgit Pakistan has experienced AFGHANISTAN governance challenges ever since the British government Islamabad established the Pakistani boundaries between 1871 and 1873. Analysts have noted that undergoverned territories comprise nearly 60 percent of Pakistan’s Quetta territory. This lack of governance has negative consequences for Multan regional stability and impacts Bahawapur Nok Kundi neighboring Afghanistan, Iran, and India. The main regions in Sukkur Pakistan that exhibit this are the INDIA Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), Baluchistan, and Karachi Gwadar Hyderabad the Southern Punjab.25 The RAND studies depict Port Muhammad Pakistan as a country that meets (Map by Michael Hogg, Military Review, Visual Information Specialist) Bin Qasim Arabian Sea every definition of an undergovPakistan erned territory. Pakistan historically lacks government infrastructure in its rural and border areas, transforming was to work in the U.S. embassy and ensure that all these areas into undergoverned areas. Those regions along SOF programs were properly synchronized with the the border created a governance vacuum, which no one Mission Strategic Resource Plan.28 In this capacity, the was ready to fill.26 As we have examined, undergoverned CMSE worked daily with U.S. Agency for International territories are the best places for harboring terrorists and Development (USAID), DOS, and some of their implecriminals, and have the conduciveness for violent extremmenting partners to project Pakistani governance into ist organizations to grow. the targeted regions. As a result, the Pakistani governInterviews with SOF and DOS personnel who operment was able to gain a greater foothold into the FATA ated in Pakistan between 2007 and 2009 provided insight region.29 For example, as the CMSE gained access and into how SOF was able to meet their counterterrorist began to conduct FID with the local governance and objectives. Initially, the CMSE element was very successful militias, governance infrastructure was created that at gaining access into the undergoverned regions utilizing USAID and DOS could work with. Supporting this MILITARY REVIEW  March-April 2016 65