Military Review English Edition March-April 2016 - Page 5

“Sacred Cows”: What Should Go Away But Won’t January-February 2017 • Army institutions, processes, customs, or doctrine that are anachronistic and impede needed change and progress • How social change is having an impact on the Army • Relevance of the Uniform Code of Military Justice: What is the state of military justice and military policing, including corrections? What crimes do soldiers commit, not just against detainees but also against other soldiers, their families, civilians, or unified action partners? How well do people accused of crimes receive due process? Is military justice applied fairly and equitably across all ranks? Is racism or excessive force an issue of concern for military police? How well trained are military police as compared to civilian counterparts? Mission Command Revisited March-April 2017 • Has the philosophy of mission command taken hold? In what ways has it succeeded or failed? • Doctrine 2015: Is it working? • Span of control: How do automated mission command systems impact it? • Case studies: The use of the Army design methodology on operations • Modularity ten years after: An evaluation • Noncommissioned officers (NCOs) and mission command: Are we blurring too much the lines between officer/NCO duties and responsibilities? Are we training soldiers or quasi-commissioned officers? What is the impact of changing NCO evaluation reports, schooling, and the Army University on enlisted force? Soldiers assigned to 1st Battalion, 41st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, tactically maneuver using concealment during Decisive Action Rotation 16-02 at the National Training Center on Fort Irwin, California, 12 November 2015. (Photo by Pfc. Daniel Parrott, 4th Infantry Division PAO)