Military Review English Edition March-April 2016 - Page 30

(Image released 4 January 2016 by Associated Press) This image, taken from undated video footage issued by Islamic State (IS) militants, shows five men accused of being spies for the United Kingdom just before their execution. Released online and yet to be independently verified, the footage shows a man waving a gun as he references Britain’s “handful of planes” carrying out air attacks on IS targets in Iraq and Syria. It also shows the five men “confessing” to filming and photographing sites in exchange for money within Raqqa, the capital of the IS’s self-declared caliphate. Beheading, Raping, and Burning: How the Islamic State Justifies Its Actions Lt. Cmdr. David G. Kibble, British Royal Naval Reserve, Retired N o one attentive to world events can fail to be aware of the grisly acts of terror being perpetrated by Islamic State (IS): beheadings, rapes, drownings, shootings, burning a pilot alive, 28 blowing up prisoners trapped in a car, and even involving child soldiers in the perpetration of some of their execution rituals. The world—including members of the Muslim community who have roundly condemned March-April 2016  MILITARY REVIEW