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DAESH Caliphate, so this [name] is also a message to the enemy that Baghdad is [theirs].”9 He uses the last name al-Quraishi because the prophet Mohammad descended from the Quraish tribe, so this name is intended to impart further legitimacy to his position. It is doubtful he is descended from Mohammad, although supporters distributed the genealogy of his tribe allegedly showing such descent.10 Dabiq and the Judgment Day Narrative Indeed, fighting the kuffar, hijrah, and jihad will remain until the establishment of the Hour.11 —Quoted from a hadith Dabiq, the title of Daesh’s online propaganda magazine, is a word cloaked in religious symbolism. The word represents both a place and an idea of great significance in Islamic thought. It conjures up ideas of the place where the final battle of good versus evil will be waged, a battle that must take place to herald the end of days. Using this name for their publication “lends urgency” to the movement, according to researcher Charlie Winter, which helps convince others to join before it is too late.12 While (Photo via Wikimedia Commons) these ideas may sound far-fetched to many The front cover of Dabiq magazine, Issue 1, July 2014. Westerners, they bring many recruits to the Daesh battlefield, eager to fight in the crucidescribed at length in the Quran, with flowing rivers ble to bring about the end of days. Women join Daesh and wide-eyed houris (virgins).16 Many hadith, saybecause they “believe that joining [it] in Syria will ings of Mohammad, emphasize martyrdom, as in this secure their place in paradise.”13 example: “Our Prophet told us about the Message of The Centre on Religion and Geopolitics conducted our Lord that ‘whoever amongst us is killed (in Jihad in a study of salafi-jihadist propaganda from Daesh and Allah’s Cause), will go to Paradise.’”17 two other groups from April 2013 to summer 2015, The Quran describes the final day in detail, stating including audio and written statements, videos, and that, whenever it arrives, the day will be either one magazines. The researchers found that 42 percent of thousand or fifty thousand years long, the earth will the sources studied contained “explicit references to quake, and sinners will go to hell with “boiling scaldthe end of days.”14 For Muslims, this day is of supreme ing water.”18 While Dabiq is never mentioned in the importance because M uslims believe they can only Quran, it is mentioned in a hadith.19 Daesh stresses the enter heaven through their actions and the grace of imminence of the end of days in its messaging. Recruits God.15 This is why many join Daesh, as they believe believe they must become martyrs soon, or else they that waging jihad—holy war—and becoming marmay end up on the left side on judgment day, the side tyrs will guarantee their entrance to paradise, a place reserved for those going to hell.20 MILITARY REVIEW  March-April 2016 19