Military Review English Edition March-April 2016 - Page 117

ARMY CIVILIANS Some would advocate that technical expertise in war specialized knowledge truly is. The land domain, and fully encompasses that unique service and is by default the need for dominant power in it, defines the Army’s the Army Profession’s expert knowledge. Technical specialized knowledge and expertise requirements. To expertise in warfare is an important aspect of expert understand and support an army to a level required knowledge and a component of the overall requirement to achieve dominance within this unique domain for national security, but to limit the Army’s expert mandates a specialized focus and deep holistic underknowledge only to technical expertise in war is inaccustanding of what landpower is and what knowledge rate. The U.S. Army Operating Concept clearly articis required to exercise the profession’s unique service. ulates the scope and There are common skill complexity of national sets supporting many security requirements To reduce the Army facets of an army’s routine in the land domain.12 functions that are not Profession’s expert or To reduce the Army specialized professional Profession’s expert or knowledge. But, effectivespecialized knowledge to only specialized knowledge ness and optimization are to only technical exnot achieved until there technical expertise in war pertise in war neglects is a shared understanding neglects far too many aspects far too many aspects of what landpower is, of what is necessary and of what the Army’s of what is necessary to be to be successful in the unique contribution to business of security the Nation is. Without successful in the business of and defense. The scope this understanding and a and diversity of Army security and defense. commitment to achievmissions far exceed ing the diverse outcomes tasks associated only mandated in complex with war.13 Make no mistake, successful outcomes of environments, outcomes that assure winning, the war are necessary and critical to performing the Army’s dominance of landpower is simply not feasible.18 I unique service, but so are those aspects of preventing, would liken this to a medical doctor who was expectshaping, and winning in the defense of our country in ed to practice his or her craft without any knowledge the land domain.14 These aspects describe landpowof healing.19 The doctor might have all the technical er with combined arms forces.15 Landpower is much competencies associated with a specialty but lack broader than just technical expertise in war.16 the comprehensive understanding of the contextual Another example of the scope of landpower is and cultural aspects of a unique service. The doctor resident in Army doctrine. Doctrine defines military might be able to fix the sickness but could not heal the expertise, one of the five essential characteristics of the patient. Understanding landpower for Army civilians Army Profession, as the “design, generation, support, is similar to medical doctors needing to understand and application of landpower.”17 The Army Civilian healing. It is fundamental to their mastery of specialCorps is integral to each of these functions, and in ized knowledge. The U.S. Army Operating Concept outsome cases it is the major contributor. The spectrum of lines the requirements for dealing with complexity by expert or specialized knowledge is inclusive of war but creating contextual multiplicity. Landpower provides in no way limited by it. leaders with multiple options that conjure multiple diArmy professionals are masters of expert knowledge lemmas in multiple domains with multiple partners.20 in the land domain. Inculcating the Army Profession’s This mandates a level of commitment to understanding expectation and commitment to understanding the the intricacies of how each component of the Army realm of landpower, which includes the moral and Profession fits in order to create, support, and execute ethical components, as well as its technical aspects, is landpower. Optimizing landpower requires a personthe key to underst [