Military Review English Edition March-April 2016 - Page 10

(Photo by Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division/World Telegram photo by Dick DeMarsico) An enthusiatic crowd of people in New York City’s Times Square celebrates the announcement of the Japanese surrender on V-J (Victory over Japan) Day, 14 August 1945. How about Winning Our Nation’s Wars Instead of Just Participating in Them? Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, U.S. Army, Retired I t has been over eighteen months since the Islamic State (IS) captured the northern Iraqi city of Mosul in June 2014, and it has now expanded well beyond its initial bases in Iraq and Syria. It currently 8 claims that numerous provinces of other states have declared allegiance to its authority, including in Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Dagestan. IS’s serious intent March-April 2016  MILITARY REVIEW