Military Review English Edition July-August 2014 - Page 72

ambassadors of good will, sometimes depending on the news they receive. Whether in words or deeds, we must seek out opportunities to better educate and inform global audiences in times of peace and war. Embracing a culture of engagement with Al Jazeera would symbolize a willingness to listen and a willingness to learn—qualities we have espoused often but failed to follow. This paper is based on a dissertation by Shawn A. Stroud, “Al Jazeera and the DoD: The Need for Greater Engagement,” prepared in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the U.S. Army War College Fellowship, April 2013. Notes 1. Ehab Alshihabi, deputy managing director, Al Jazeera-English, Doha, Qatar, 19 October 2011. 2. Mohammed El-Nawawy and Adel Iskandar, Al-jazeera: The Story of the Network That is Rattling Governments and Redefining Modern Journalism (Cambridge, MA: Westview Press, 2003), 33. 3. Colin Powell, quoted in El-Nawawy and Iskandar, 176. 4. Donald Rumsfeld, quoted in Alice Fordham, post in Checkpoint Washington blog, The Washington website, “Up next on Al Jazeera: Donald Rumsfeld,” 30 September 2011. 5. Cliff Kincaid, post in Media Monitor blog, Accuracy in website, “Al Jazeera’s Anti-American Bias,” 23 June 2004, 6. Hillary Clinton, quoted in David Folkenflik, post in The Two-Way (Breaking News from NPR) blog, National Publ X”