Military Review English Edition July-August 2014 - Page 7

Cadets in Strategic Landpower Cadets visiting Thailand in 2013 learned about local food, culture, and language. They taught conversational English to school-age children using games as a tool to reinforce English vocabulary. U.S. Army Cadet Command photo Cadets in Strategic Landpower Managing the Talent We Need Lt. Col. Adrian T. Bogart III, U.S. Army, and Capt. J.D. Mohundro, U.S. Army Lt. Col. Adrian T. Bogart III is the deputy chief of the TRADOC Commander’s Planning Group. He is a civil engineering graduate from the Virginia Military Institute and a special forces officer with combat service and multiple deployments. Lt. Col. Bogart is an “Afghan Hand” (a CJCS initiative placing specially trained experts in positions of strategic importance to further Afghan-ISAF interoperability) who speaks several languages and has regional experience in USCENTCOM, USEUCOM, and USSOUTHCOM. Capt. J.D. Mohundro is a strategist in the TRADOC Commander’s Planning Group. He is a logistics officer who was a bio-medical sciences major from Texas A&M University. Capt. Mohundro has a working knowledge of Arabic and Spanish and regional experience in USCENTCOM. MILITARY REVIEW  July-August 2014 T he emerging concept of strategic landpower refers to the application of landpower toward achieving overarching national or multinational security objectives.1 The Army is developing its approach to employing landpower as a globally responsive and regionally engaged Army. Through regionally aligned forces that provide combatant commanders with capabilities for regional missions, the Army will 5