Military Review English Edition July-August 2014 - Page 40

Army Battlefield Command System Manned ( XX/XX ) Equipped (Y/N) Distributed Common Ground System – Army X X/X X Y/N Integrated Meteorological System X X/X X Y/N Command Post of the Future X X/X X Y/N Maneuver Control System X X/X X Y/N Digital Topographic Support System X X/X X Y/N Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System X X/X X Y/N Air and Missile Defense Workstation X X/X X Y/N Tactical Airspace Integration System X X/X X Y/N Blue Force Tracker X X/X X Y/N Battle Command Sustainment Support System X X/X X Y/N Battle Command Server X X/X X Y/N Integrated System Control X X/X X Y/N Manned: MOS Qualified (Assigned/Required) Equipped: Equipment is on hand and functional (Yes/No) Commander’s Training Status Trained: Commander’s Assessment Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) Army Battlefield Command System (ABCS) Status Chart Example 220-1, Army Unit Status Reporting and Force Registration—Consolidated Policies (2010). Business practices should reinforce the importance of using unit status reports for documenting strengths, capabilities, challenges, and opportunities. Commanders at all levels must apply full intellectual rigor in reviewing their subordinate commanders’ reports. This review should ensure each commander’s comments accurately depict a unit’s training status—including items such as changes in equipment, training, or warfighting functions; improved proficiency in using information systems to support mission command; and results of completed collective training events. Unit leaders must 38 work relentlessly toward mainta