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Message from Your Reeve and Council find consensus and move on as a team. I will miss them all terribly and wish each one success in the future. • Our progress. We have seen large subdivisions start and grow, built new water and sewer facilities which are the envy of other municipalities, tackled large sewer systems, and embarked on a paving program which we never thought would happen. We have survived a huge natural disaster, built fire halls, and will see a new recreation facility and regional waterline in the near future. There’s only one place to start with this message: I love the MD and it has been an honour and pleasure to have served you as Reeve for the last nine years. This is why it’s bittersweet to announce that this will be my last term as Reeve. Handing off the reins in good times was not an easy one to make because I remain passionate about the community, its accomplishments and its people. During my tenure – first as Councillor, then as Reeve – I have learned a great deal that has reinforced my feeling that people’s needs come first. So for the first time in my career, I’d like to take some extended time off to enjoy with my family and do some travelling with my wife. I feel that now is a perfect time for this because the MD is as strong as ever, and is well positioned to continue the projects that have been put in place. • Our fiscal responsibility. The MD was governed in a fiscally responsible and accountable manner. We continually strived to increase the service levels throughout the community while remaining fair in the taxes we levied. We maintainin one of the lowest mill rates in Alberta and we were never afraid to tackle big projects as long as we had the funds to do so. • Our environmental accountability. At all times, we fully embraced our responsibility to remain mindful of limited environmental resources and this remained a factor in our decision-making. It should come as no surprise that the biggest challenge I had to face during my term was the 2011 wildfire. It strained both Council and administration, and continues to do so to some degree. We are recovering and I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am hopeful that we will be able to shift resources back to MD operations in the near future. Working with a fantastic team, my fellow Councillors and administration, we have accomplished a lot during the past three years. I’m particularly proud of the following: That said, I’m very proud of how far we’ve come, and look forward to seeing how our new Reeve and Council will push the MD to the next level of success. • Our Council and the relationship we built together. We have always been able to speak freely to one another and have respect for each other. Even though we may have had different opinions at times, we have been able to So as I part, I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned while serving the MD, which may perhaps be some words of wisdom for incoming Reeve and Council: 4 THE MD OF LESSER SLAVE RIVER MILESTONES | October 2013 • You have many long-serving and knowledgeable administration staff; that is your greatest asset. Trust them to do their job. • Always remember that you are here to serve the people who put you here. • As big and diverse as the MD is, there can be no personal agenda; you have to consider the needs of the whole MD. Although the needs of the MD are not equal, equitability has to be maintained. • You have to have the time. The job of Reeve and Councillor is more time consuming now than ever before. You have to be dedicated to the role. • Be involved, be mindful, and keep the balance of the needs and wants of all community members. Unfortunately, you will not be able to please everyone. Be a good listener. • Regional cooperation is a reality and a way of the future, you must have respect and an open mind of working with your neighbours. Although it was an unfortunate way we were brought together, I am very proud of what we have accomplished with Tri-Council and the relationship we forged with them. I have no doubt the MD will be in good hands. It will continue to thrive and grow and attract the best people to work at and call it home. It has been a great and extremely positive experience serving the people of the MD as Reeve. I have personally learned and grown so much and I feel very fortunate to have made many friends over the years throughout the municipality and to have been part of this great region. My heartfelt tha 2vW2FWfW'Rv26G&'WFVBFFRN( 27V66W72GW&rגFVW&RBv&VfW'&VB&W6FVBbFRBf"V'2F6R&VWfRFVv'&G@C#B4