Milano Map Fair 2019 catalogo MMF2019 - Page 8

Altea Gallery 35 Saint George Street London W1S 2FN United Kingdom De Wit, Frederick Nova Orbis Tabula in Lucem Edita Amsterdam, 1675. Original colour. 465 x 540mm. Minor reinforcements to verdigris cracks on verso An exquisite seventeenth century map of the world in double- hemisphere, with two further spheres showing the northern and southern hemispheres and cherubs in the cusps. The four corners are taken up with vignettes of the seasons, each with references to the Elements and the Zodiac. The first state of the map was issued c.1670, but the cherubs in the cusps and the engraved border mark this as the second state. Another plate replaced it in 1680. SHIRLEY: World 451 - ‘’one of the most attractive of its time... one of the finest that is relatively easily obtainable by the map collector’.