Milano Map Fair 2019 catalogo MMF2019 - Page 4

Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps, and Books 593 Mount Pleasant Rd Toronto ON. Canada M4S 2M5 Tel: + 416 364 2376 - Fax: + 416 364 8909 Nuova Pianta Della Citta di Roma et Armi delli Quatordici Rioni di Roma. (Manuscript Map of Rome)  Last quarter of 17th century  mm 1078 x 817 – inches 42.44 x 32.17  Sepia Condition: Very Good Notes: A charming manuscript wall map of Rome on two sheets, in sepia ink, with a few details finished in black ink. A fine unique piece. Decorative scroll cartouche “Indice” at lower right, with names and districts of 109 churches, arms of the 14 districts or “rioni” artfully intertwined in both upper corners, the city depicting the churches. gardens and streets in great detail, the whole surrounded by the city wall, margins further decorated with four vignettes plans of the Barberini and Papal palaces. A few repaired tears mainly to lower sheet with occasional very slight loss. This map is taken much from Falda’s map of Rome first published in 1676. Untraced as a printed map under this title, it is most closely related to Falda’s Nuova Pianta, combining perspective views of buildings like St. Peter’s and the Castello S. Annelo with a two-dimensional bird’s eye view of the rest of the city. A legend gives only the names of the “chiesi titolari e diaconie” which has been whittled down from Falda’s list to only 109 entries. The four vignettes depict the Collegio Romano, Palazzo Aldobrandini, Palazzo e Giardini Barberini , and the Palazzo Pontificio a Monte Cavallo, and are unrelated to Falda’s vignettes. The orientation and design of the map appear uninfluenced by the maps of Barbey (1697), Nolli or Rossi (1668), but are evidently the product of a skilled artistic hand.