Milano Map Fair 2019 catalogo MMF2019 - Page 37

Librairie Loeb-Larocque 31 rue de Tolbiac, 75013 Paris France Tel. +33 (0)144248580 info@loeb-larocque Oliva F. Portulan atlas on vellum of the Mediterranean with 10 maritime charts. Marseille, 1658. In attractive strong original colours. 510x340 mm. Precious and rare nautical atlas (sea chart-book), consisting of 10 portulan charts by a member of the leading family of chart-makers of the Mediterranean Francesco Oliva (François Ollive). In Latin and French, the 10 manuscript charts (six double page - 410 x 670mm. and four single page) drawn in black ink, gouache and enhanced with liquid gold, on parchment pasted on thick cardboard supports and bound in a contemp. vellum binding. Lavish decorated motifs on compass roses, scale bars, armorial shields and name cartouches, each chart within a simple yellow border, the outlines in sepia, main islands in gold, the rest in red, blue, green, coastlines red, blue, green and pink, rivers in blue, main names in red and the rest in brown ink, rhumb lines in sepia, red and green. Some typical signs of wear, particularly on the borders, resulting in some tears and losses which in some cases have been reinstalled. Dimensions: 510 x 337 mm for the binding. Double page charts 410 x 670mm. Ownership label of Gertrude Hamilton (1887-1961), with the Hamilton family motto “Veridis et Fructifera”, pasted to upper marbled paper paste down. 1. Double page chart: Mediterranean: Greece and Asia Minor with the coasts of Africa; in a cartouche on the lower right corner: “Franciscus Oliva / Me Fecit in Civita / Marsilia / Anno Domini / 1658 ». 2. Double page chart: Mediterranean: Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, with the Adriatic and North African coasts 3. Double page chart: Mediterranean: Portugal, Spain, France, Balearic Islands with the coasts of the Mediterranean ‘Africa. 4. Single page chart: Malta. 5. Single page chart: Balearic Islands. 6. Double page chart: Sicily. The chart is orientated with south to the top. 7. Double page chart: Corsica and Sardinia 8. Single page chart: Crete (Candia) 9. Single page chart: Cyprus 10. Double page chart: Complete Mediterranean