Milano Map Fair 2019 catalogo MMF2019 - Page 3

Alexandre Antique Prints, Maps, and Books 593 Mount Pleasant Rd Toronto ON. Canada M4S 2M5 Tel: + 416 364 2376 - Fax: + 416 364 8909 Jan Jansson (Janssonius)  1650 ca Pascaarte Van’t Westlyckste Deel vande Middelandsche Zee...: Pascaarte Van’t Oostelyckste Deel vande Middelandsche Zee...  Amsterdam mm 418 x 540, inches 16.46 x 21.26 Coloring: Original Outline Coloring  A fine pair of mid-17th century see charts showing the Western and Eastern sides of the Mediterranean, by Jansson, depicting the Straits of Gibraltar in the West (on the first sheet) all the way to Syria and Palestine in the East (on the second sheet). The maps cover Spain, France, Corsica, Sardinia, Italy, Greece, Romania, Syria, Cyprus and parts of the Holy Land. The maps are from Jansson\\\’s Atlantis Majoris, the first commonly circulated sea atlas of the world published in the Netherlands Both maps include colourful and decorative cartouches; the Western map with a Nobleman and a bear chested Native holding up a cornucopia of fruit with a crown on top, the Eastern map with two Middle Eastern men dressed in layered garments, The measuring charts are housed in two dragon-like figures (Western) and ornamental frame (Eastern). Two fleur-de- lis compasses are also shown on each map. Latin text on verso. The sizes of the two maps are: 418 x 540 (Eastern Sheet) 418 x 532 (Western Sheet)