Milano Map Fair 2019 catalogo MMF2019 - Page 11

Altea Gallery Doppelmayr, Johann Gabriel Hemisphaerium Coeli Boreale. [&] Hemisphaerium Coeli Australe Nuremberg, Homann’s Heirs, 1742. Coloured. Two sheets, ea. c.485 x 580mm.  The Northern and Southern skies, divided into the Classical Constellations. In the corners are elevations of eight of the most important observatories of Europe, including Greenwich. Most of the constellations depicted are still familiar today, but on the Southern sheet is ‘Robur Carolinum’ (Charles’s Oak), introduced by Edmund Halley in 1678 but not one of the 88 constellations recognised today. 35 Saint George Street London W1S 2FN United Kingdom