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AGRONOMY www.midcountycoop.com LATE SPRING Page 3 Late spring means a smaller plant- ing window. A smaller planting window means everyone wants their fertilizer at the same time. To help us continue to deliver the top-tier service you have come to expect, please communicate early and often with us about your plans for planting. How many acres will Scott Nelson Agronomy Manager you plant today, tomorrow? We will put (952) 466-3733 together a plan that keeps everyone scottn@midcountycoop.com rolling! To ensure proper placement on the schedule, please call the office directly with fertilizer orders at 952-466-3730. We continue to invest in the future! We have made some substantial additions to our equipment fleet. Pleased to announce the arrival of our new dry fertilizer applicator. The John Deere 4940 chassis has all the newest in technology and the New Leader MultApplier is the best on the market. What does this mean for you? A machine that spreads fast and accu- rately, which will again help keep your tires turning in the field. To keep up with this new applicator we purchased another fertilizer tender truck. We also purchased a front end loader which will allow us to continue delivering and spreading lime in an efficient and timely manner. We’ve upgraded our chemical impregnation system in the fer- tilizer plant - entire system can be run from the fertilizer office, which will improve our efficiency of getting fertilizer to the field. Have a safe spring. RECIPE: ZIPLOC OMELETS HOLIDAY ® STATIONSTORE - RUNNING STRONG vehicle cleaned. As always, when you purchase gas, you get $1.00 off a car wash. We also sell coupon books that give you great wash discounts. The Holiday Stationstore in Cologne will be celebrating an anniversary this summer, 20 years in business. That is 20 years in business as a member of the Mid-County Coop family. We have a few surprises in store for this year’s celebra- tion, which will include the annual cus- tomer appreciation day. Stay tuned for details, we’ll post them in the store. We continue to make improvements to our store in order to make sure we offer our customers the latest products. Our grocery area is a big improvement over a few years ago. If you are looking for something and we do not stock it, please let us know. Maybe we can get it on the shelf for next time. Car wash season is in full swing, make sure you stop by the store and get your Our store recently started a texting group for our customers. If you join our group, we will send you a text that gives you $2.00 off your next fuel purchase. To join, text: MCHOLIDAY to 555888. You will receive the first text from us shortly after sending. We will also be sending other in-store specials to you by text in the coming weeks and months. You can opt out of the group at any time. Standard data and text message rates may apply. We appreciate you stopping in. Thank you for your business. FOR OUR CUSTOMERS AT 409 PAUL AVE. S., COLOGNE, MN SAVE 6 ¢ per gallon of gas Valid thru 5/31/2013. Limit 15 gallons. Good at 409 Paul Ave. S, Cologne, MN, Holiday Stationstore. One coupon per customer, per 5/31/2013. visit. Not valid with any other offer or coupon. No copies or facsimiles. Please redeem inside. With camping season around the corner (finally!) I’d like to share one of our favorite camping recipes. Every summer we go camping with a group of friends and this recipe is a breakfast hit. If you have a big group, everyone can bring an ingredient or two and have an omelet buffet. 1. Bring a kettle about half full with water to a rolling boil. 2. Put your name on a quart size Ziploc freezer bag with a marker. Crack 1 or 2 large or extra-large eggs into the bag. Zip the bag and shake it to mix the yolks and whites. 3. Add your favorite ingredients: Chees- es, ham, green pepper, onions, tomato, hash browns, salsa, salt & pepper, etc. 4. Zip the bag and shake/mush to mix ingredients. Make sure all ingredients are coated with egg mix. 5. Slightly unzip the bag, let the air out, and then zip the bag shut again. 6. Place bag(s) into boiling water for ap- proximately 2