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YOU’RE IN y r t n u o C Mid-County Fall Messenger INSIDE: Page 2 - 3 Energy Page 4 - 5 Agronomy Page 6 - Auto, Truck, & Tire Fall 2017 • Vol. 32 www.midcountycoop.com Congratulations to Megan Jacques of Cologne on her coronation as one of the 2017-18 Stiftungsfest Ambassa- dors. We had the honor of sponsoring her this year, and I was able to walk her to the stage during the program. The Mid-County Team We fi rmly believe that our employees are our greatest Bill Reimers asset. We like to have our customers identify with our em- General Manager ployees; you can check out our full-time employees on (952) 466-3721 our website at www.midcountycoop.com/staff . billr@midcountycoop.com We have been fortunate to hire two additional employ- ees to keep up with increasing demand, including Jon Wulf as an auto techni- cian in our Auto, Truck & Tire Center, and Rich Smith as a driver in the Energy Department. With more technicians and more growth in our Auto, Truck & Tire Center, we are in the process of improving the layout of the building. This will include some new doors and equipment to help with the fl ow of vehicles. When the shop was built in 2000, the existing layout worked well, but most of our growth has been in the large truck repair area, requiring some upgrades for bigger equipment. Our fi scal year just ended August 31, and we are planning our annual meet- ing for December. The fi rst part of our year had its challenges, with a wet fall and a warm winter, but with a record spring and good sales throughout the summer, our fi nancial and cash position improved dramatically. We again ended the year debt-free, with some cash in the bank. We are anx- ious to see our fi nal numbers when the auditors arrive in October. The invest- ments in additional equipment for the spring paid off very well, and we were able to keep customer deliveries and applications on schedule. Speaking of auditors, Mid-County hires an independent auditing fi rm to au- dit the books of the company two times each year. They perform an actual independent audit, not just a review of the coop’s accounting. You can be con- fi dent that when you see our annual report, you are receiving one the most comprehensive audits in the industry. Thank you for your support and keeping Mid-County a strong, locally owned coop for over 82 years. As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions to make your coop better. Congrats to Stiftungsfest Ambassador Megan Jacques Mid-County Coop is proud to spon- sor 2017-18 Norwood Young America Stiftungsfest Ambassador Megan Jacques. Megan is the daughter of Mark and Angela Jacques. After high school, she plans to pur- sue a degree in business or in the veterinary fi eld. Her favorite parts of Stiftungsfest are the pork burgers and the live music. The 2017 Stiftungsfest coronation took place Aug. 27, where Megan was one of 12 candi- dates. Also crowned were Alexyss Wills and Elizabeth Perez. HONESTY • INTEGRITY • VALUE AGRONOMY FUELS • PROPANE • LUBRICANTS 710 Lake St., W., Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-3710 Serving You With Honesty, Integrity & Value since 1935 700 Lake St., W., Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-3720 700 Lake St., W., Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-3730 COLOGNE Hwy. 212 & Hwy. 284, Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-5657 (952) 466-3700 • 888-466-3700 • 700 Lake Street West, P.O. Box 177, Cologne