Mid-County Newsletter MCnewsletter-Winter11 - Page 4

MID-COUNTY AGRONOMY Page 4 www.midcountycoop.com An expert in his field Mid-County agronomist Joe Forner’s fi eld of expertise is . . . well, fi elds. His 17 years at the co-op have been fi lled with diagnostic soil testing, crop consulting, variable-rate technology analysis, and much more. He can answer all types of production questions, and he enjoys giving farmers the tools and information they need to be successful. “When I started here, I was still going to school, so I’d help in the summers,” said Joe, who has a degree in agricul- tural economics from the University of Minnesota. Joe grew up on a dairy farm near Chaska, where his family milked about 100 cows. “I wanted to stay in the agricultural fi eld,” he said, adding that he was also interested in the business and science aspects of farming. When Joe originally joined Mid- County Coop, he worked as an applica- tor and helped with the agronomy de- partment. He took over as agronomist a few years later. Now, he enjoys teaching others about his work. People studying agriculture, biology, or a related degree often intern in the agronomy depart- ment. “If a college stu- dent – or a senior in high school who is interested in studying agriculture – would like to intern, they can contact me,” said Joe, who can be reached at (952) 466- 3730. Joe’s job involves a variety of outdoor and indoor tasks. Sometimes, he’s advising farmers on seed placement, nutrient management, and farm plans. Other times, he’s driv- ing through a fi eld with a four-wheeler, collecting soil sample ̸)Ḿͅѡɽ՝Ёѡ)յȁЁ)ͅѡЁ5))չɔѥ̰͔ѡ))ɹ)ɽ́ѥ͵))éͥѥͼٽٕ́ɕ)ѕȁݽɬMͽ݅ɔ)́Ѽɸͽ́ͅѼ͔)հɵѥѡЁɵ)᥵锁ɽՍѥ٥+qQɽɅݔ͔ȁɥͅ)مɥɅєѥ́+᥉ЁѼ)ȁ̳tͅ)Aѕɽݥ)Aɽ٥EՅɽ)AɽՍ̀M٥)]Ѡ!䃊%ѕɥ䃊YՔ)՜)-Ʌͭ)))ɹ)MM1L)M)9ͽ+ ɽAɽѕѥ+ ɽ ձѥ+Qə̀Aɔ5+ɥM+ ѽɽ́ѥ(Ȥش+9ɥЁ5+AЁɽ̰1YIP+AɽՍ̰ ɽ͝ɽܰ)9,!ɥ̰Mѥ+e5)ܹչ卽