Mid-County Newsletter MCnewsletter-Winter11 - Page 2

MID-COUNTY ENERGY Page 2 DEF: The fluid of the future www.midcountycoop.com If you’re thinking about purchasing a new vehicle that runs on diesel, you may have heard about diesel exhaust fl uid (DEF). The new product, which is injected into hot exhaust, is a way for diesel equipment to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s recently updated emissions standards. As the operating fl uid for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology, DEF is comprised of 67.5 percent wa- ter and 32.5 percent urea. It helps con- vert NOx into nitrogen gas and water vapor, resulting in a cleaner emission that’s better for the environment. DEF use will most likely increase in the future, as more vehicles are equipped for the technology. Typically, between 2 to 4 gallons of DEF is injected into the exhaust sys- tem for every 100 gallons of diesel fuel that is used. DEF’s shelf life is about one year. It should not be stored in extremely cold temperatures, because it has the potential to freeze. People who would like to purchase DEF can contact Mid-County Coop’s energy division at (952) 466-3720. It is important to purchase a reputable brand of DEF, because issues have been reported in some of the off- brands. We can order it in a wide variety of sizes, from 2.5-gallon bottles to 330- gallon totes, and it typically arrives within two weeks. If Dusty Kroells is involved, there’s a good chance a truck, snowplow, or motorcycle is, too. “It just seems to work out that way for me,” said Dusty, who ran his own fuel delivery company before be- coming a fuel driver for Mid-County Coop. “I started at Mid-County in April, but I’ve been doing this for 12 years,” he said. Dusty graduated from high school in Arlington in 1989, and gained ex- perience in mechanics and semi truck driving. He also worked part time as a fuel driver, and later purchased the com- pany. This year, Dusty decided to drive for Mid- County Coop instead. “I’d been do- ing business with them for awhile, and I knew the Dusty Kroells managers al- ready,” he said. “They’re very nice people to work with, and it’s been great so far.” Throughout his day, Dusty covers a wide area, including cities like Green Isle, Montrose, !݅ɐ1!)ɜ䁽ѡ̸+q$ѡЁ$ЁѼ͕ɕЁ̴)ѽ́ѡɽ՝Ёѡ䳊tͅ+q%ѡɥյȰӊe)ͼɕЁͥt)]ѕȁɥ٥ͽѥ́)ѽ՝Ё䁥́ѥȴ)݅ɐѼѡ͹͕ͽ+q$͹ݥȁ)ɕ%ͱtͅq'e)Ё͹ܻt)䁅ͼ́ɥѽɍ)̰ͻeЁ)ѥѡɽ+q'eɕ䁍ѕЁݥѠݡЁ'e)tͅ)ɥٕѼɥٔ)U1LAI=A91U I% 9QL)ٕɥȁɕéɝ䀘!ѥ!́M+ ձՕ+Օ=+Aɽ+M͕+ ձ=+1Չɥ+Mձ)ٕ)AɽɅ(Ȥش)ܹչ卽