Mid-County Newsletter MCNewsletter-spring19

YOU’RE IN y r t n u o C Mid-County Spring Messenger Spring 2019 • Vol. 35 INSIDE: Page 2 - 3 Energy Page 4 - 5 Agronomy Page 6 - Auto, Truck, & Tire www.midcountycoop.com Staying a step ahead! I spent two weeks at home recently, not totally by choice, it was time to fi nally get my shoulder repaired. Some may think that it was perfect timing to be in the house during the long cold snap and not have to go outside. But I will be the fi rst to tell you that recovery and working from home is Bill Reimers not what it is cracked up to be. When my General Manager siblings would call to check on me, I would (952) 466-3721 give them a brief update on my condition, billr@midcountycoop.com but I then described in detail what it was like to be stuck in my house, watching others move my snow among other outdoor tasks. I likened it to that little dog looking out the window barking at the mail man. After two weeks – it was good to go back to work and be interacting with others! Thank you to those who made our annual meeting in December a record turnout. As we stated in our last newsletter, and at the annual meeting, I am sure you are pleased with the fi nancial performance of your coop. Inside this newsletter, you will fi nd an article on what we learned about fuels blending during this past winter when the temperatures dipped below average levels. With continuous changes in the fuels we purchase (sulfur, bio, etc.), we always have to be a step ahead to make sure our customers are always protected from as many variables as possible. Most of the fuels and gasolines in this part of the state come from two places - the St. Paul Park Refi nery, and Flint Hills Refi nery at Pine Bend. Some products are pipelined in, but a majority is refi ned close to home. What makes the diff erence, especially in winter fuels, is the additives and blending procedures used. We make sure we use only the fi nest additives, and lean on all of the years of experience and knowledge of our staff , to make sure you receive only the best. See page two for some tips on winter fuels and cold weather. Our Auto, Truck & Tire Shop continues to grow at a rapid rate. We actually have more capacity to grow, and wish to do so. We are taking applications to add more auto technicians in the near future. If you are aware of someone looking to work in a rural area, and still be close to the metro, please send them our way. One area we have been fortunate with staffi ng is our agronomy division. By hiring two additional applicators this past fall, this has allowed us to have more hands on deck to prepare the equipment and facilities for spring. We fi nished the Cologne store gas island upgrade just in time for winter. These changes drastically improve customer access to more pumps, and an improved entry into the store. As the business has grown, we were noticing more customers waiting to get gas, prompting an upgrade. Also, with the addition of more “Flex Fuels,” such as E15, E30, and E85, we can closer match the needs of today’s modern vehicle. We thank you for your patience through the construction that started in early October, and ended mid-November. Our recently acquired Waverly store is slated for an addition and remodel this spring and summer. We had hoped to have the project completed before winter, but with the construction industry busier than ever, we decided to wait until this spring for the project. This will ensure we have plenty of bidders, and not have to rush the project, compared to this past fall, trying to get done before winter freeze up. As always I appreciate your comments and suggestions to make your coop better! Mid-County Coop’s board of directors Back row pictured from left to right, Brian Krause, President, Jim Dieball, Director, Jon Henschen, Director, Shawn Eastman, Secretary/Treasurer. Front row pictured from left to right, Leonard Hoen, Jr., Vice President, David Williams, Director.