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Agronomy Page 4 www.midcountycoop.com FALL APPLIED NITROGEN - (UREA AND ANHYDROUS) Nitrogen management means some- thing different to everyone, depending on your specific farming operation and practices. It sounds simple – put down the “right” amount of nitrogen to grow your crop and don’t lose any through leaching or volatilization – easier said Scott Nelson than done! Agronomy Manager (952) 466-3733 Every year brings new challenges to scottn@midcountycoop.com getting the crop in the ground, and with that, getting the nitrogen in the ground. Many growers are choosing to put on some, or all of their ni- trogen in the fall, so they can plant as soon as conditions allow. Anhydrous Ammonia (AA) has been the fall nitrogen source of choice for a lot of years, but new government regulations supply problems and erratic pricing has made it necessary to look at other options, and one of those is fall Urea. With the ni- trogen stabilizers that are now available, it makes Urea an op- tion for fall application. There are risks and benefits that must be considered when making your nitrogen decision. We have spread some fields this year with fall urea. The experts at Mid-County are available to discuss your operation in de- tail and make the best deci- sion for your farming opera- tion, be it 100 acres or 10,000 acres. Stay safe on the farm Farming is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the US. Know- ing how to stay safe can help prevent costly downtime and long-term health problems. Grain bin traps It only takes about 11 seconds for a 6-foot tall person to be buried in a grain bin. A study by Purdue University found that between 1964 and 2008, 74 percent ɅɅ)Q́Ё)ݡͽɥ́Ѽ݅ѡ)ɅЁѡɅՑ䁍͕̰)ѥեͅѼձѡͽ)ݸ9܁ɅѽɅѕ)́مѼɵ́х䁽Ё)Ʌ̸ɑѼѥѡ)UMQ䰁ѡѕ͕́ٔͽ)ѡЁɅɔѕɅɔ)ɕٕЁɅɽѥ)%ѕɥɅ́ͅ)ɽȁɕѥ́Ёха)եЁ͡ձɹ)ͼѡЁѡɅ́Ё٥ȴ)ͽ͡ձeЁѕȁɅݥѡ)ѡȁͽɉ䰁̴͔ͥ)х́役ݡѕ́)͡ձݕȁͥѥͼ)ѡЁѡݽeЁͥѡȁѡ݅)Ʌ]ɭ́͡ձͼٔ)ɕ͍ՔեЁɕ䁅م)QɅѽȁٕɹ)ɑѼѡ=ѥM(!ѠɅѥ=M!ѡ)͔Ѡȁɴݽɭ)́Ʌѽȁٕɹ̸)=݅ѼɕٕЁѡ́)Ё́ѡ͔I=ٕȁAɼ)ѕѥٔMՍɔI=ALݡ)ɕɽѕѼȁɅѽȸQ٥)ɔ䁕ѥٔɕՍх)Ʌѕ́ɥٕɹ̰ݽɬ)ݡ͕ݥѠ͕щи)ɥɑ)ɥͅ䁽ɴɕեɕ)ѥՅѕQٕ)͕ͽ́ɕЁѥѼЁ)䁅ɥեа)ɔѥ́ɔ͕ɔ)ݥɕ́ٔЁ)ɽ̸%ӊéͼѼѡ)Ёɥ̰Ѽɔѡ)ѡݽeЁхЁݥѠե)Ёɥ٥ѡɽ՝)܁ѡȁ)1ȁɑ́)ɴՍ́ͱ䁽ȁչٕȴ)̸%хɅ́ե)̸݅݅)1ѥ5ٔѼՅѥͥѥ)͔͍́ݡѥ)̸QɕՕЁɕэɕ̰)ٽݥѥȁ) ]ȁɽѕѥٔѠ)ݡ̰ͥٽ)ѽՍȁȁ́)хѕ)9͔QɕՍɥ́ɥͬ)ݕȁȁɽѕѥݡɅѥ)Ʌѽ́ѡȁ)]ѡ%ݕѡȰ)ɕѥ́ݕձѕѼɕٕ)ɽщє%ѡյȰݕȁչ͍ɕ)ȁݥɥ́ѼɕՍͭ)ȁɥͬɥ䁽݅ѕȰ)хɕԁٔЁᡅ̴)ѥѽ̀饹̰)ݕ̰ь