Mid-County Newsletter MCnewsletter-fall14 - Page 2

ENERGY Page 2 www.midcountycoop.com Scheduled delivery on home Want one less thing to worry about this win- ter? Try our “Scheduled Deliv- Quay Zander Petroleum Operations ery Program” for (952) 466-3727 propane or fuel quayz@midcountycoop.com oil. You may have heard different names like “Keep Fill” or “Stay Full” used for heating programs. We call ours “Scheduled” because that is what we do – we sched- ule the proper time to come and fill your tanks to keep your tank from running out. We have a comput- erized system that automatically calcu- lates your usage based on heating degree days as published by the National Weather Service, plus your past consumption history. When your propane tank gauge shows 20%, we will stop by and fill it to 80%. We only fill to 80% to leave room for expansion in the tank, as propane can expand when it warms up. If you have fuel oil, we like to come and fill your tank at the 1⁄4 full, or 25% level. Once your tank is full, our computer system resets. We offer Scheduled Delivery to any- one who uses propane or fuel oil as their only heating source. If you have other heat sources such as wood or electric- ity, our computer system is unable to factor in when the alternative sources are in use. While we cannot guarantee that your tank will never run out, we have years of experience with our current system, and if there are no changes to your heating system, the program is very reliable. There may also be times that your heating system may use more gallons than usual, it could be from a con- struction project, or you may have a need to keep your home warmer for health reasons,. These are exam- ples of factors that can increase con- sumption. If there is a case where you feel you may be using more gallons, ju Ё)ݔݽɬѽѡȁѼ)ɔԁх݅ɴ)]Ʌȁѽ́Ѽ)ͥ䁍ѡȁ՝̸Mѡ)她ѼѡЁ́͡)Ѽɕȁɽх՝)ٕ͡ѠѼѡхȁѡ)́ѡݥѕȁ́݅́ɕ)ѕ%Ёٕ́ͅѥ́Սͅȁ)ѡɥٕȸ)QͥȁMձٕ)ٔ́ѽ䁅ЀȤش)1Չɥ)5 չɝ䁡́ԁٕɕݡЁ́ѼȁՉɥЁ̸])ٕȁɽ́ɕх̰ȁձՅѥѥ̸)=ȁɅ́مՑ)]ٔɕ͔)ѼQՍɴեЃ Սѥե)=ȁѤɕ́Ց)Mхɐɕ5̀5̃ѕ1ȁ͕)]Ё)ɽ)Aɽ́ɽՍ́ɽ)ՍЁݼɽ͕̰Ʌ́ɼ)ͥɽմɕQ)ɽͥɅ́ٽٕ)ɕمхɽ)ɝչ́ѡɽѡɅ)́ѡЁ́Ёѡɽչ)ɥ䁽ѡ́ѡЁ́)ѡɽչ́5ѡɅ)̤ѡɕЁ́AɽԔ)ݥѠѡѡȁ͕́ɕ٥ͱ䁵)ѥQѡȁͽɍɽ)́ɽɽմɕMѡ)ɔ܁ݡЁ́ɥٕɽ)ɕ Ց=)]ЁՕ́ɔ5)ɽ Ց=)AɽՍ́5ɽ ɕ Ց=(̤)ѕȁՑ́ɕٕɽѡ)ɽչЁ͕́ЁѼɕ䁉)͡ȁɝЁɕ䰁ɕ)́ѡՑɔ͕ɅѕѼ)͕ɽմɽՍ̸ Ց)ɕɕ̀ɕ٥ѕqϊt)ȵTLɕՑɼ)٥́ͱѱ䁵ɔѡЁ́)ɽմɽՍ̸Q́ɽɼ)ͥѡՑ́ͥȁѼݡ)́ѼɸЁ́ȁѕ)Ё́