Mid-County Newsletter MCnewsletter-fall07

Mid-County Messenger Mid-County Coop Contact Information General Manager Bill Reimers (952) 466-3721 billr@midcountycoop.com Agronomy Manager Dave Eckhoff (952) 466-3730 davee@midcountycoop.com Agronomist Joe Forner (952) 466-3730 joef@midcountycoop.com Agronomy Production Specialist Doug Kraska (952) 466-3730 dougk@midcountycoop.com Certified Energy Specialist Rafael Lozada (952) 466-3725 rafl@midcountycoop.com Service Manager Don Harmsen (952) 466-3710 donh@midcountycoop.com Petroleum Operations Quay Zander (952) 466-3727 quayz@midcountycoop.com Cenex Convenience Store Cologne Manager Del Gallup (952) 466-3701 delg@midcountycoop.com Vol. 12 Fall 2007 www.midcountycoop.com Growing and Improving We have a lot of new faces at Mid-County and we have been fortunate to acquire some very top notch talent to operate the departments of Mid-County. Auto, Truck and Tire In late August, Don Harmsen took the position as Service Manager. The previous man- ager, Jim Jochum, was given an opportunity to return to the telecommunications industry. Don comes with several years of experience from owning his own shop as well as working for a large dealership. Petroleum Under the leadership of Quay Zander, he and his team have continued to expand our lubricants lines of engine oils, greases, etc. to service tractors, construction equipment, manu- facturing equipment, and ATV’s. Along with the Cenex line, we also offer Mobil products. Agronomy This is the area where we have invested the most in the past year. We have hired several people to offer the high level of service that is needed to be competitive. Dave Eckhoff has been with us for about 6 Bill Reimers General Manager (952) 466-3721 billr@midcountycoop.com months and has been focusing his staff to improve and prepare our equipment so it is ready to hit the fields in a moment’s notice. We have doubled our expenditures this past year fix- ing and repairing our fleet. We are also adding some equipment to stay ahead of the increased demand for fertilizer. We have finally finished our equipment storage building, and now our valuable agronomy equipment, fuel trucks and propane trucks can stay under cover year-round. We feel the agronomy division is planted and growing on solid ground. C-Store Store Manager Del Gallup Controller and her group continue to offer top notch customer service. With one year under our belt operating the car wash, we are planning to improve the image and visibility of the car wash to make it look consistent with our C-Store. There is a new color scheme and image coming from Cenex that will also freshen up the appearance of the store in the next year. Office Our Controller Dick Pauly has been improving our internal accounting systems to ensure we are on track with our goals. Soon we will be enhancing our web- site www.midcountycoop.com; currently you can view your account balance, get a year-end statement, or check your stock balance in the company. We are also going to be improving the whole site to be more current with happenings and specials being offered throughout the company. We will also be test- ing the possibility to offer some product prices on the website. As always, I appreciate your calls and comments on how we can make your Coop bet- ter. Serving you with Honesty, Integrity and Value! Dick Pauly (952) 466-3723 dickp@midcountycoop.com 700 W. Lake St. Cologne, MN (952) 466-3700 Office (952) 466-3715 Fax www.midcountycoop.com Now Providing Custom Anhydrous Application! H O N E S T Y • I N T E G R I T Y (952) 466-3700 • 888-466-3700 700 West Lake Street, P.O. Box 177, Cologne • VA L U E