Mid Cheshire College 2013 - Page 6

STUD ENT CHA RTER MID CHES HIRE COL LEGE – STUD ENT LIFE HAN DBO OK Student Charter STUDENT CHARTER As a student you can expect: 6 * An induction programme which will help you settle into the College and your course as quickly as possible. * If studying a full time course, ongoing development of English and Maths GCSE or functional skills and the opportunity to benefit from an enrichment programme, including sport. * Support from a Learning & Progression Mentor who will help you make the most of your course and your time at College. * An outline of the key dates for your programme including an assessment timetable and clear information on the assessment requirements for your course. * High quality teaching, on a course that meets your learning needs and accommodates your preferred learning style. * Additional Learning Support, if appropriate, to help you achieve your full potential. * Access to resources and facilities for private study at the College which help you to do well on your course, including a library and Learning Zone. * Formal and informal assessment of your achievements during your course which are discussed with you regularly. * Access to advice & guidance on careers, welfare and finance. * Access to a range of support services. * The opportunity to feedback to us on your course and the College. * Information, advice & guidance on what is available to you when you finish your course including help with applications to further education, higher education and employment. * In each of the above, reasonable adjustments for any disability or learning difficulty. As a student at Mid Cheshire College, we will expect that you: * Respect the College and abide by College rules and the Code of Conduct in the Learner Handbook. * Take responsibility for your learning and for all elements of your study programme by attending regularly and punctually, and taking a positive attitude towards your work. * Work with your tutors and other College staff to make the most of your potential. * Make active use of facilities to support your learning such as the Library and Learning Zone. * Visibly wear your ID Card when in College. * Make the College a safe place for everybody. * Be considerate of the rights and interests of other College users. * Take care of the College buildings and furnishings and respect other people’s property. ?H?^H[?X?]?H\?[???[?[??\]X[]H???[?]H?N??X][??]?\?[?H?]?\?X? ?Y?\?\????Y??\?[??\?[??[\?KX?[]K?X?K?[?\?Y?K?^X[?Y[?][???[Y?[???[[??[??[??\?[??\??[Z[?][???Z]?[?\????H?]\????]ZX??HY?[?H?Y[?H]?H????YYH?\??X?H?H]?H??Z\?Y ?Y?[?H]?H[?B??\???[K????QS??T?T???H????[??\?[?^?X??H?^H?[?????HB??Y[??\?\??\??\?\?[?X]\?X[?Y?\?[??Y?[?]\?]?Z[X?H[?]Y[???Z[K[??\?[??XY?\?[???X]?\??\]Y\?Y ?X\?H\????\??\?[??H???B?HX\??[?? ????\??[?Y[???H??H?H?[??\?\??[??H?Z[?Y???H?X?\[??????