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LEAR NER VOIC E MID CHES HIRE COL LEGE – STUD ENT LIFE HAN DBO OK Smoking The College operates a strict ‘No Smoking’ policy in all buildings. You will find designated smoking shelters located in the grounds of both campuses. Learner ID Cards What To Do If Things Go Wrong Feel free to question, comment and, if necessary, complain if you think things are not right. Do so pleasantly and politely, but make sure you get an answer. Not all problems have a solution, but members of staff can at least explain why things are as they are. Your first point of contact would be your Learning Progression Mentor or Course Tutor, but if there are other members of staff you want to talk to, feel free to do so. Every learner must carry an ID card with them and have it visible. Learner Disciplinary At Mid Cheshire College we are committed to providing a learning environment in which you can give your best and participate freely in College activities. We want all students to be able to enjoy the company of other students respecting and being respected by staff. Unfortunately, from time to time, some students’ actions or performance are unacceptable. The stage of any disciplinary action taken will depend on the nature of the problem. Possession/Use of Illegal Substances LEARNER VOICE The College has a policy of zero tolerance in respect of the possession/use of illegal substances on College premises. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes cannabis. However, when dealing with breaches of this policy, the College will follow the principle of proportionality when deciding what sanction to impose in any given case. In the most serious cases, including allegations of dealing in illegal substances, the College will inform the police. 24 Collaboration with the Police While the College’s disciplinary procedures are wholly separate from civil or criminal legal proceedings, the College will assist the police in bringing criminal prosecutions when the gravity of the offence is deemed by the College to warrant such assistance. The College will co-operate with police requests for information, subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act. Comments and Complaints Procedure Mid Cheshire College aims to deliver a professional and high quality service at all times. In attempting to achieve this aim, the College welcomes comments and complaints from learners/trainees, potential learners/ trainees, staff, service providers, suppliers, employers, members of the public or other external stakeholders. Why Your Comments and Complaints Are Important to Mid Cheshire College Comments and complaints are important to the College for a number of reasons: * Learners/trainees, potential learners/trainees, staff, service providers, suppliers, employers, members of the public or other external stakeholders are at the centre of the College’s activities – hence, it is important that people feel they have a voice. * Comments and complaints help the College to see what people are happy with, but also, what people are not happy with – this helps the College improve its services, facilities and resources. If you wish to make a complaint your first port of call is your Learning Progression Mentor or go to the main Reception (Hartford or Winsford). LEARNER VOICE The initial ID card is free but a charge may be incurred to replace lost or damaged cards. The cards are valid for one year. 25