Mid Cheshire College 2013 - Page 20

LEAR NER VOIC E MID CHES HIRE COL LEGE – STUD ENT LIFE HAN DBO OK Course Reps Have YOUR say! YOUR group must have a Student Representative, so here are the details: It’s a great opportunity to… * Affect decisions made about your education - make a positive difference to your friends and your own learning experiences * Develop effective working relationships with teaching staff - participating in a dialogue that results in better conditions for students * Develop your inter-personal skills for yourself and prospective employers - eg problem solving, communication, negotiation skills and working with others Student Council What’s the aim of the Student Council? * Set Union policy - for example: what campaigns should the Union be involved in, decide upon services the Union offers, etc * Amend the constitution (the rules and regulations of the Union) * Instruct and hold accountable the Executive committee on their work - make sure the Executive are working for YOU! * Approve financial reports, budgets and accounts from the Executive Committee - check we sent YOUR money correctly and for the benefit of all the members of MCCSU. * Provide us with feedback, ideas and comments for both the Union and College to consider and act upon. Membership of the Student Council The Student Council is made up of any Mid Cheshire College student who wishes to attend. The Executive Committee and Course Reps are expected to attend these meetings. What would I do? * Find comments/suggestions within your group * Report these views to the College staff and Students’ Union * Liaise with other reps * Work with the Students’ Union & College staff * Feedback to your group about what the Students’ Union and College are doing for YOU! How much time commitment? You should attend… * 1/2 day rep training - so you know what you should be doing! * Termly College Meetings What incentives do I get? Besides that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from doing good things for others it also looks great on your CV or UCAS application! When are the Student Council meetings? * Monday 28 October 2013 10am - 12pm * Monday 11 November 2013 11am - 12pm * Monday 24 February 2014 10am - 12pm * Monday 10 March 2014 11am - 12pm * Monday 2 June 2014 10am - 12pm * Monday 16 June 2014 11am - 12pm *  he dates and times are correct at time of printing. Please check notice boards and the MCCSU Moodle page T for confirmation, minutes and agendas. The most important thing… Make sure your contact details are passed on to Claire Ashbee. Student Rep Contact forms are available from your tutor, SU Office and the SU Moodle page. 20 Communication is the key to success! LEARNER VOICE LEARNER VOICE I want to be a student rep - what now? * Tutors will ask who is interested in being the student rep, jump up at the opportunity to make a difference * Up to 2 reps can be chosen for each group, so you don’t feel lonely 21