Mid Cheshire College 2013 - Page 18

LEAR NER VOIC E MID CHES HIRE COL LEGE – STUD ENT LIFE HAN DBO OK Having Your Say Dress Code cont… In addition, dress needs to be appropriate for the activity and environment to ensure safety. For example, hair may need to be covered or tied back in a canteen or science laboratory; those taking part in sporting activities may be asked to remove jewellery or accessories if these pose a risk; and hard hats or protective footwear are essential in certain workshops. Full participation in learning If a learner’s face is partially or fully obscured for any reason (for example by hats, hoods, veils, sunglasses, scarves etc) it will be difficult for the tutor to judge their engagement with learning or for the learner to participate satisfactorily in discussions and practical activities with others, therefore, learners’ faces should be clearly and fully visibl