Mid Cheshire College 2013 - Page 10

ADD ITIO NAL LEAR NING SUPP ORT MID CHES HIRE COL LEGE – STUD ENT LIFE HAN DBO OK Learning & Progression Mentors As a student, you will have a designated Learning & Progression Mentor, who will be your point of contact. Learning & Progression Mentors can advise on a variety of issues and provide general information and advice about possible career paths. Additional Learning Support The College has a dedicated Additional Learning Support Team who are there to support students with any practical, physical or mobility problems. Please let us know if you feel you could benefit from our support. Your Learning & Progression Mentor will also be able to refer you to other areas within the College such as Learning Support Fund, Additional Learning Support, Counselling, Careers and the Library. Dyslexia, learning and visual impairment, speech and other communication difficulties are also catered for, and we will try to provide you with any specific equipment and technology you require to help you in your studies. There are 6 Learning Progression Mentors: Vicky Kathy Tracey We also try to provide support for you if you have any difficulties studying or problems with Maths and English. It is important that you develop your skills in these as they may help you pass your course. You will be required to attend these courses as a condition of your enrolment on your main programme of study. We offer support, advice and info &?F???F?7GVFV?G2v?F?F?6&??F?W2?B?V&???rF?ff?7V?F?W2???&FW"F??V?7W&RF?B??R&RV?&?VBF?'F?6?FR2gV??2?76?&?R??F?R6FV?2?B6?6???fR?bF?R6???VvR?b??RF??????R??&RV?v?&?Rf?"7V6??'&?vV?V?G2??V6R7V?F???W"?V&???rb&?w&W76????V?F? ?BF?R7F'B?b??W"6?W'6R?F?R6???VvR?2?VV?F?V?7W&R??RvWBF?R?V?F?v??6???R&RV?F?F?VB???g&????&V6????FfP???&V?w&??DD?D?????T$???r5U?%@???T$???rb$?u$U54????T?D?$??p??vR?6??ffW"wV?F?6R?B??f?&?F???F?6???VvR7FfbF?76?7BF?V???????r&?&?FRF?W7F?V?G2F???VWB??W"?VVG2?FF?F?????V&???r7W?'B6???&F??F? ?????