MIA Magazine December 2015 Art of Black Miami - Page 9

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2015 AN INDEPENDENT SUPPLEMENT BY MIA MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS GROUP TO MIAMI HERALD MIA Art of Black Miami Cover Competition Finalist 1st Runner-up Roadwork: Art and Soul of a Man by Shernett Muhammad Medium: Acrylic fb.com/ShernettMuhammadART “I see Life as a moving canvas a living work of art and we're all masterpieces of the Creator on display in Life's Gallery living the Art! Harmonically contrasted, humanity and nature are fusions of science, mathematics and Artistry; ever evolving, ever changing, an ever revealing reality of artistic beauty and genius. From the majestic beauty we call the art of creation I extract and reflect the most outstanding of the sounding environment in works of art. “ 3rd Runner-up Tenor in Trance by Doba Afolabi Medium: Acrylic Art of Black Miami Gallery: Art Africa @dobaafolabi "I always strive to push painting, as a genre that has the captivating frequency and overwhelming illusionistic effect through texture and clairvoyant linear expression that are deliberately accentuated in masterly draftsmanship. Space and subjects are my primary objectives that aid a balance composition, which I always consider very important but the theme of any of my piece is very relative.” 2nd Runner-up Colored by Maya Boyd Medium: Oil/acrylic @mayafash_art “This piece shows that a rainbow of colors can create a mood of warmth and coolness in balance. Even though the face isn't brown, the mixture of colors and features indicate a person of color.” BB9