MIA Magazine December 2015 Art of Black Miami - Page 8

8BB AN INDEPENDENT SUPPLEMENT BY MIA MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS GROUP TO MIAMI HERALD By Zach Rinkins WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2015 MIA Magazine Art of Black Cover Competition Winner Push 2060 Meet Troy Simmons: Accidental Artisan and Deliberate Messenger Who is Troy Simmons? That question comes to mind when pondering the work, style, and life of the Texas-native and current Bakehouse Art Complex resident artist. Is he an artist, architect, realtor, or all three? From his handlebar mustache, thoughtful conversation, to his eclectic wardrobe, Simmons communicates that he is so much more. “I’m an artist, lover of architecture, and husband,” said Simmons. Simmons has an educational background in Environmental Science and Architecture. He ventured into the art as a career by accident. “Unknowingly, all my life I was an artist. I was always creating things. But, I came from a working class background. So I was taught to go to school and get a job,” the physician’s son recalled. “A friend of mine saw my work and recommended I put it into an art show.” That was more than 15 years ago and allowed Simmons to see art as a possible career. These days the Sam Houston State University-graduate is represented by Jankossen Contemporary Art (New York/ Basel, Switzerland). His works can command up to $40,000 and have been featured throughout South Florida, Texas, New York, Paris and Germany. Simmons recently conversed with MIA about the method and message behind his craft. WWW.TROYSIMMONSSTUDIO.COM @TROYSIMMONSSTUDIO Art of Black Miami Cover Competition Winner: Push 2060 Medium: Concrete / Acrylic / Aluminum Art Basel Galleries: CONTEXT Art Miami www.contextartmiami.com Bakehouse - Studio #33 www.bacfl.org Scope www.scope-art.com Love: “I love to create things. Art, for me, is about creating a shock value. I just want to produce exciting work that challenges people to think.” Grind: “I’m usually up early in the morning. I eat breakfast and go to the studio and work on my ideas and sketch. I typically do the physical work between 9 p.m. through 4 a.m.” Business: “I have representation. They help me market, tour and sell my works. Interested people can also come to Troy Simmons Studio in Wynwood to purchase my work.” Inspiration: “I am inspired by nature and how people interact with nature. My work plays with man and nature a lot. I love to depict the combination of art and nature. I also use the brutalist architecture style from the 1950’s that includes a lot of concrete. They didn’t cover the cement. They used it and exposed it.” Message: “Maybe my art is a type of rebellion. I am rebelling against ignorance. I am rebelling against perceptions and stereotypes. It is important for people to learn each other and truly experience what the real world is about.” Experience more art at www.TroySimmonsStudios.com