MIA Magazine December 2015 Art of Black Miami - Page 6

6BB AN INDEPENDENT SUPPLEMENT BY MIA MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS GROUP TO MIAMI HERALD Do & Dine By Robbie Bell Yeelen Gallery: In God We Trust | Sylvia Parker Maier Robbie Bell is Miami’s Urban Lifestyle Real Estate Specialist who loves all things Miami. A Broker Associate with EWM Realty International, Robbie’s focus is not just selling a property, but educating residents and “newbies” as to all things fabulous that Greater Miami has to offer. Her passion is connecting people-to-people, through real estate AND through the arts, food, music and things to do. She is in the know for places to go and people to see. This is her Do & Dine report. What is Do & Dine? A little something to do and a little somewhere to dine (dining options courtesy of The Scrumpterou Report*). Do… Visit Yeelen Gallery The purpose of the gallery is to “deliver a message, offer us hope and change us for the better. That’s the personal mission of Yeelen Gallery”, says owner WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2015 Karla Ferguson. Focusing on figurative works, Karla is all about the cultures of the African Diaspora, and believes that art must have social impact. The gallery works to change the image of self, how others view us and how others see our culture. A product of Jamaica, Karla feels right at home in the gallery’s location in the heart of Little Haiti. Karla refers to it as “The Crossroad” between South Beach, Downtown, Little Havana, and the western suburbs. This fantastic pocket that lies a tad east of Tony Morningside has yet to be touched by the developers - oh, but they are on their way, as it is minutes to the beach and blocks to Midtown and the Design District where now the extremely affluent shop and dine. In the Bambara language of Mali, Yeelen means Brightness or Light – I dare say the beacon is shining brightly in Little Haiti – Yeelen Gallery is a gem that cannot be missed. Art Basel Show Opens Dec. 3rd: what’s INSIDE HER never dies…a Black Woman’s Legacy, a group exhibition in collaboration with Poets & Artists Magazine Yeelen Gallery~294 NW 54th St., Little Haiti, Miami 33127~ 954.235.4758 Dine… You’re already in Little Haiti, so go to Leela’s Restaurant. Chef Lubin makes a delish whole snapper! My preference is fried, but it can be grilled or steamed; add a touch of pikliz, their spicy cabbage salad, to kick it up a notch. Leela’s Restaurant ~ 5650 NE 2nd Ave, Suite E, Miami 33137 ~ 305.982.8667 Do… Visit PRIZM Looking for the pop-up that’s cutting edge? Armed with a degree in Theatre Arts & Architecture, Mikhaile Solomon has set the Miami art community onfiyah (thanks Chef Irie) for the past 3 years with her creation of PRIZM Art Fair. Her keen eye for art helps deliver PRIZM’s message: diversity through artists whose works represent global trends in contemporary art. This year’s PRIZM Art Fair is an assemblage of diverse contemporary voices in visual arts by curatorial team Rosie Gordon-Wallace, AM Weaver, and, of course, Mikhaile. One highlight will be a PRIZM Panel in which noted New York artist/photographer Dr. Deborah Willis participates with several high-profile artists of the Diaspora. New to Miami? PRIZM Art Fair is located in the MiMo Neighborhood, commonly called the “Upper Eastside.”MiMo refers to our Miami Modern Architecture, a regional style of post-war architecture found especially in this neighborhood. PRIZM Art Fair ~ 7300 Biscayne Blvd, Miami 33138 ~ 954.372.6241 Celebrate with PRIZM! Block Party Dec. 5, 7-12PM Dine… The Vagabond Motel Just across street from PRIZM is The Vagabond Motel. Yes, I said MOTEL, but! – This is no “no-tell motel,” this is one you can visit, dine at, and stay in, and actually boast you have been there. Thanks to Avra Jain who’s spent a few mil, I’m sure, restoring this beauty of a landmark, we have a fantastic spot for drinks and dining in the MiMo. Vagabond Motel ~ 7301 Biscayne Blvd, Miami 33138 ~ 786.409.5716 Robbie Bell ~ Your Urban Lifestyle Real Estate Specialist Robbie@GoToRobbieBell.info ~ 305.528.8557 Prizm Gallery: Dark Matter(s) | Jefferson Pinder