MIA Magazine December 2015 Art of Black Miami - Page 4

4BB AN INDEPENDENT SUPPLEMENT BY MIA MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS GROUP TO MIAMI HERALD WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2015 The Art of Black Miami By Danielle R. Stedman MIA had the opportunity to sit down with a few of Art of Black Miami’s trailblazers, leaders, and re-energizers. These individuals have made great strides in building Miami’s neighborhoods that represent the African Diaspora. They are exposing the beauty of these culturally enriched areas to the world. And with efforts like the Art of Black Miami platform, they are receiving increased support. Please go to page 10 for their gallery locations and event schedules. J.S. Rashid KROMA J.S. Rashid, President and CEO, Coconut Grove Collaborative Incorporated Miami’s Cultural Contributions Miami’s cultural contributions are burgeoning with potential. We are pioneering in arts and culture and are ahead of the game in terms of innovation. Although we are still considered the “New Kids on the Block”, we are present and are at a level of becoming the new standard of comparison. KROMA Thi ́e