MHC Dish From the Pitch 2013 MHC Dish From the Pitch Championship Edition

MHC Championship - August 25, 2013 IRISH PUB WINS! Ninjas Snatch the MHC Championship by Jason Kirkpatrick photo credit: Kerry Leonard For those of us whose seasons were over, the final day at the pitch served as a closure of sorts. With no team schedule to worry about we were free to eat, drink and bend the ear of our comrades as we reflected on the summer that so quickly passed us by.  Captains complimented the dedication of their players, rookies collected advice from teammates, and some of the youth players relished the idea of playing with the adults next season.  But for the Irish Pub Ninjas and the All Tool Sales Legion, this day was the culmination of what had been a phenomenal season for both teams. After a sensational summer of closely contested battles and eerily similar win-loss records one team was going to walk away champions and neither team was going to make it easy. continued on following page