MG Motoring 2017 - Page 8

MG Car Club of South Australia PRESIDENTS REPORT From.. Allan Semmler C ontrary to my March report this is definitely the last one. We have a new chairman in Adrian Ward who will guide the club for the next couple of years and we are losing the services of committee person Dick Manning who has taken up the position of Dep- uty Clerk of Course for the newly named Adelaide Rally to be held in conjunction with the Festival of Speed this year, and Wayne Hough past President and Register Secretary is also having a break this year. I am sure that all members wish them both well. this year is the 100 th anniversary and 94 th running of the event. The course is 12.42 miles (19.988km) long with 156 turns. Starts at 9,390 ft. (2834m) finishes at 14,115 ft. (4302.24m). The thin air at the summit robs the engines of approx. 30% of their power and driv- ers suffer similar a loss of reflex and muscle power. The current record is held by Se- bastien Loeb driving a Peugeot 208 T16 with a time of 8m 13.878s set in 2013. There was a great turnout of mem- bers at the Annual General Meeting (94) in March for the presentation of annual reports, club awards and the election of officers for the coming year. All committee positions and committee appointments have been filled with the exception of Social Sec- retary position. I wish them well for the challengers that lie ahead. This event is recognised as the most challenging hill climb in the world and attracts race teams willing to spend many thousands of dollars and many months preparing to try and become the King of the Mountain. 97 entries fR&VV66WFVBF0V"cB6'2B32F&76W2`FW6RFW&R&RBW7G&ƖVG&W2FfB&vRRVFVG&F琥V#Rf&Bf7W2WfvVV2#&&vv&F7WW&VvvW&B&VR666'&&Fr#rD#7WW"GVP"FW&Rv26ƖvB&&VvFא7B&W'BFBFR7B6WR`&w&2rvF6RF( 0vVB֗76rFRVFF"26VFV@FR֗76r&G2F2VFFF氧vRv&R6WFW"vƗF6f F26ƖvB67WFR&6Rv&RVB7VFVPFR#RFBגVFW'7FFr2F@FR&V6VFrGVW6F&7F6P7F'G2B23FFPF2&B6V7FBFR6R7F'@Bf6FW2FRvVFW6FBFW'6Ff"FR֖FFRB&BЧF6V7F2g&F2VƖgr@7VFFR&rFvF6WFЧF'2frW7BR'VWFRgVfRRFVb'&VrWw2F&W'B6V"V&W"WfvVV20&VV66WFVBF6WFRF0V'2W2V6Ɩ"bR&PBf֖Ɩ"vFF2WfVBW&R2&@bfगB2FR6V6BFW7BF"7'G0WfVBFRR2f'7B'Vb6