MG Motoring 2017 - Page 48

MG Car Club of South Australia TRADE DIRECTORY MGB Register Event 12th March 2016 Ann Calver Real Estate Sales Consultant RLA200675 Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens ON-SITE COMPUTER SERVICE Selling real estate, or know someone who is? Call me for an appraisal of your most valuable asset (apart from your MG of course!!). Or see me personally for a special MG Car Club deal as I regularly attend mid-week lunch runs. NEW SYSTEMS, Many thanks to REPAIRS, all those UPGRADES. club mem- Russell and Garth bers both regulars newbies, and Coromand [[^BZ\Y[[YB[ۙ•[ ̍[؎  H MB\[\XBQЈY\\YY]]H[[˘ܛX[[[^KXK\Y K]BٝB[X\[ۈ]\^BL KX\ LK L•[”H[\YBو[[HYX\[ NH L BNXZ[[[\\\˂K]BPTUQTӕVPSTŽ ̌ LB܈[[\\H[X[ۈ\]Z\[Y[”]]H۝X[Z[H[ٙ\[]\[ۜ[][]H]\[\H][Y[’ YH]Y\Š\YYYXX[۝^X[\B[XZ[X\]Y\\ۙ] K]BX˘۝^X[[KK]B\YPXZ[ B