MG Motoring 2017 - Page 41

April 2017 I will report back on that procedure when I remove the starter at home. However, there is a “work around” if you have on hand 18 inches of fine wire. From underneath the car, with a wire formed in a “u” shape, you can loop the shaft in front of the pinion gear and pull it back and then tie it off around the rebound spring at the end of the shaft. Problem solved. You just need a push or use of the starting handle and you’ll be back on the road going to wherever you were intending to go, without the embarrassment of having to wait for a tow truck to bring you home! From adversity, comes the fix: agile use of a piece fine wire; make sure you carry some (along with overalls), it could be useful when you least ex- pect it. Geoff Goode Club Registrar for the Conditional Registration Scheme IS YOUR GARAGE OR WORKSHOP A BIT OF A MESS ? HERE IS THE SOLUTION... CUSTOM MADE WORK BENCHES AND STORAGE UNITS TO SUIT EVERY REQUIREMENT AND BUDGET HERE ARE JUST 2 EXAMPLES Also available are heavy duty benches with no back board or drawers made from high strength racking components from just $220 Contact: Geoff Trowbridge ( club member) on Mob: 0412 764 868 Adelaide Stacking & Racking 74 William Street Beverley SA 5009 39