MG Motoring 2017 - Page 40

MG Car Club of South Australia CONDITIONAL REGISTRATION called a “show stopper”. Some know this sort of incident by other names, none of them pleasant or worthy of mentioning, so I won’t. REMAINDER OF THIS YEAR F or the remainder of this year, if you continue to register your car on Conditional Registration you are not required to present your new registration papers for updating our records nor are you required at this time, to have your new registration paper stamped by the Club. Simply update your log book with the new dates. Use the space on the left of the “Commencement Date” and “Expiry Date” fields to write in the new dates in the current membership year. However, please remember to bring your new blue registration papers and proof of payment to the log book up- date period for the next membership year to the clubrooms (when making a subscription payment in January/ February) or when a new log book is required, whichever comes first. Anyway, upon pulling the starter knob I heard a weird noise, a sort of groan. Pulling the knob again, a sound of tin dinner plates being rapidly struck, emanating from under the bonnet. A couple of members rushed over to see what had happened and to offer advice. No it wasn’t the fan against the radia- tor or some foreign object. Nor the clutch either. It was in fact, the re- straining spring that hides within the starter motor pinion gear. This spring normally holds back the pinion from the ring gear immediately the engine starts, at the top of the spiral drive. Mine failed this important step as the spring had broken and with the pinion gear bouncing on and off the ring gear on the engines flywheel, made the car undriveable. I might add, breakage of this spring is a rare event, thank goodness. If you require a new log book during the year (and re-inspection), please come to the clubrooms on or before the date shown in red at the top of your log book, on one of the sched- uled inspection times, from 10am to 12 noon on the second or fourth Sat- urday of the month until December. In December it will take place on the first and second Saturdays. Remem- ber to bring the blue registration pa- pers, proof of payment and your old log book for cancellation. So what to do? Climb under the car and remove the starter motor or call the RAA? I weakened as night was falling and called the RAA. Two hours later, we were home again in North Adelaide after a nice ride home in a tow truck. The question is, can something be done to get out of having to call for a tow? Obviously, removal of the starter motor would help, but can it be pulled out without removing the oil filter on an MGA? If that is required, it presents a major issue for one stranded on roadside. On a completely different topic, some- times adversity can bring out some good. At Crafers, on the night of the last month’s T-register outing, a drive to Alan Golding’s place at Murray Bridge, I suffered what is politely 38