MG Motoring 2017 - Page 38

MG Car Club of South Australia MID WEEK LUNCH RUN NEWS From Diane Holmes T Thursday 9 March, 2017. Mt Barker hankfully the temperature had dropped ten degrees from our last lunch run & it was great to see so many MGs turning up for coffee at the Arkaba Hotel – mostly with the tops down – for another return to The Barker Hotel. We headed up the free- way to exit at Stirling & then took the wonderful winding way through Aldgate, Bridgewater & the leafy main street in Hahndorf. These hills are such a feature and a wonderful play- ground for our beautiful MGs. Brian & Kath Golding drove up from Murray Bridge for a first visit to the lunch runs & as we are heading their way next month they will be joining us 36 again. It will also give us the opportu- nity to ]\]Y[[H [BHY[[YK]Z]HH[HYB\]Y[\[[]\^HYB\\H\[YH\] ]\[BYX\\H\HH][ܙH][BY\ۈHܚ^ۋ^ZYYZ[[[Hۂ\[ \\^HYH‘X\\HHY\ܝ[]]\^HYHYY][]HܘYB\[] L [H[\\[]LL [K[Y[H[ZH˜YHX\H[Y[X\\HYYۙ\H\܂H[Y\ˈX[H ]YY\¸$[XZ[Y\XZ[ H܂ۙH ͈ MM