MG Motoring 2017 - Page 34

MG Car Club of South Australia thanks to the MGCC flaggies who worked in the rain to keep the track safe. Murray Stephenson T Super Sprint Rnd 1 Mallala By John Davies he 1st Super Sprint round for the year was held on 12th March and MG CC had 10 entries in a large field of 94 with 6 MG's and 4 non Marque cars. The MSCA was holding a Come & Try as part of the Sprint and with an addi- tional 24 entries it made for a large field but the MSCA did a great job as usual and it was a very well run event. It was our turn to provide Flaggies for the day and a big thankyou to Alan Cardnell, Dean Hosking, Wes Bray and Craig Steel who assisted in this area. The forecast for the day was for pos- sible showers/thunderstorms and al- though it looked optimistic early the heavens opened during the drivers briefing making a very wet and slip- pery (and entertaining for the drivers) first run. Fastest MG for the day went to Lau- rie, Garry Bolt had his new car out and completed 14 laps this event, a big improvement on just 1 lap at the last event last year. Garry still has some work to do sorting the car with fuel starvation and overheating issues (overheating on a British car, No couldn't be!) Rob had a Good day in the newly acquired ZS and had a tight tussle with Dick Manning and both enjoyed a great day of sprinting. Lindsay ran well in the TC and it was great to see Tony back out in his MG B. In the Non Marque group Scott had the Circuit Excel out with the full 3 Driver team running to test and set the car for the upcoming Bathurst 6Hr. The car ran well and all 3 drivers did 20 laps with good consistent times. Good Luck at Bathurst guys. Craig had issues all day loosing alternator belts and [[H[XZ[BXZ[[[ۛHX[YY \܂H^H][]HH\YK\ۈYHY^H[YZ[XYHH L[H][KHYH[[[ ]HHYX\Y[[[\[XYY[]H^H][[H\\[XYHH\]\\[YB]\YHYۈQЕ NK\HQЕ NK؈[Q֔ N MXX[[Qш N [^HXQXX[ N ۞HX[ۈQЈ N ˌMۈX\]YB]Y\[\] NMN\ۈY\\^YH N MB\[ۈ\Z]^[ NKMܘZYYYY\ܙH N N