MG Motoring 2017 - Page 33

April 2017 MSCA Come & Try Super Sprint 12 March On Sunday 12 March the MSCA ran the first SA Come & Try super sprint at Mallala. The MSCA of Victoria has been running these for approx three years and their leaders, Bruce and Petrina Astbury, came over to run this day. They also brought two regular Vic instructors, Kim Cole and Les Bone, to help. A total of sixteen regu- lar sprinters worked as instructors with competing on the day as well. The C&T participants had three class- room sessions, two on track sessions with an instructor and two sessions solo. They had the same number of laps as the regular sprinters and C&T groups were fitted in after the sprint- ers. Five MGCC SA members partici- pated, Nick Micklem (MGZR), Steve Spong (MGBGT), Christine Oppatt (Supra), Brian Hills (MGBV8) and Karen Stephenson (MGA), and Garry Bolt and Murray Stephenson acted as instructors. The weather was very unkind at times and the participants had a great time in torrential rain, particularly in the open cars! The objective of the day was to develop skills and to introduce participants to sprinting so that, if they come back for a “real” sprint, it won’t be as daunting. Although there was room to improve on the organization the day was a success and the feeling from partici- pants and instructors was very posi- tive. It is anticipated that MSCA will do this again but as yet a date has not been set. Thanks to all the drivers and instruc- tors who made this a great day. And 31