MG Motoring 2017 - Page 31

April 2017 The car was rebuilt and re- painted red. I guess that’s so the flames won’t be so noticeable next time? Fortu- nately there hasn’t been a next time and the C is per- forming very well. John fit- ted a digital speedo which coincidentally looks very close to the original one. Depending on the program selected the speedo is able to give him speed, time and distance. So his best standing ¼ mile has taken 14.55 seconds at a speed of 157.6 kph. Not bad considering the time tested by Autocar in 1968 was 18.2 seconds for an auto. manager 1978-79) who thought it was a great idea and wanted one himself. A photo of his engine bay appeared in last month’s car club magazine. So, there are at least two supercharged MGCs in Melbourne! ‘MGCs Down Under’ will describe John’s modification of his MGC in de- tail with lots of photos. John shared his supercharged plans with long time mate John Sheppard (HDT team Remember ladies and gentlemen keep ‘em tuned, Rich 29